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Conservatory Services

Most classes take place in the New York Conservatory Studio. Classes run Sept. through Aug. (with vacation periods in July and Dec.). 

Classes may include:

  • Acting for Commercials
  • Auditioning for TV/Film
  • A/V Private Time (20-minute on-camera slot to use as you like)
  • Cold Reading
  • Film Technique
  • Improvisation for Commercial, TV, Film
  • Monologues
  • SAG-AFTRA Actor 101
  • Shakespeare/Classical Cold Reading
  • Teleprompter Technique
  • Voice Over
  • Writers' Forum

How to Join

Please note, NY Conservatory registration is temporarily suspended
Only $35 for the season. You must be a paid-up member of SAG-AFTRA.

Annual membership runs Sept. 9 through July 31, regardless of when you join. There are two ways to apply:

  1. Online: Click the Online NY Conservatory Registration box below.
  2. Paper Form: You can (1) click here or download a printable NY Conservatory Registration Form in Resources & Downloads below, or (2) request a paper form in person from the receptionist at the SAG-AFTRA New York local office. Paper forms can be mailed to or dropped off at SAG-AFTRA New York, 1900 Broadway, Fifth Floor, Attn.: Conservatory. Please print clearly and completely fill out your form, including your professional email address. Make your check or money order payable to "SAG-AFTRA" in the amount of $35 (cash is not accepted). If you write a check to pay for another member, please note that member's name on your check. A $10 fee is charged for any returned check and you will not be permitted to participate in conservatory functions or rejoin until that fee is paid.
  3. New York Conservatory membership is available to SAG-AFTRA members ages 18+ and in good standing with the union.

Although run under the auspices of SAG-AFTRA, SAG-AFTRA membership dues are not used to pay for Conservatory activity. Your nominal Conservatory registration fee goes to pay for such things as studio equipment and a small travel stipend for the teachers. Additionally, fellow actors just like you volunteer their time to run this fine program.

Class Online Sign-up & Schedule

Registration for classes and seminars is now done online. Just visit the Online Signup boxes below. Members sign up in person for one regularly scheduled class per week. Note that classes usually fill up a week in advance.

​​​​​​Click here or download a printable version of the NY Conservatory Calendar & Newsletter 2019-2020 below in Resources and Downloads. 

PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS CALL TO CANCEL! In the event you need to cancel your reservation for a class, seminar or workshop, you must do so as soon as you learn that you are unable to attend, and no later than 8 p.m. the night before. Failure to cancel on time will result in one unexcused absence. A second unexcused absence will suspend your conservatory membership for 30 days. Walk-ins will be permitted if space allows on the day of the class, seminar or workshop.


Be a part of an excellent team! Have extra time? Volunteer. Have expertise and experience? Volunteer to teach, instruct or assist. Simply fill out the NY Conservatory Teacher Application available here and in Resources & Downloads below, or email to schedule an interview. Stay involved, it’s your union! 


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