SAG-AFTRA represents voiceover talent in all contracts areas, including animation, video games, promos, trailers, commercials, documentaries, audiobooks and more.


Voiceover performers are covered under several SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreements to guarantee fair wages, health and retirement contributions, residuals and additional compensation, and advocate for vocal health.

For Members

SAG-AFTRA contracts provide voiceover performers the following benefits:

Guaranteed Minimum Rates: These rates are tailored to the particular type of work. Some of the rate sheets are below, but please check with staff for details about your upcoming job.

Health Insurance: By working under SAG-AFTRA agreements, you can earn credits towards quality, affordable health coverage (including wellness care, medical, hospitalization, prescription drug, mental health, chemical dependency and dental benefits). These benefits are provided by the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan; for more information visit

Life insurance: Individuals who qualify for SAG-AFTRA health insurance also get life insurance and coverage for accidental death and dismemberment.

Retirement Benefits: Individuals can earn credits towards a pension from the SAG Pension and AFTRA Retirement Funds. For more information visit and

Additional Benefits: There are additional benefits available exclusively for members of SAG-AFTRA through programs such as the AFL-CIO’s Union Plus. Benefits ranging from mortgage and refinancing savings to auto insurance to discounts on flowers and more are available at no cost to the union or its members. Visit for more information. Click here to visit the SAG-AFTRA benefits page.

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Join SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, the President’s Taskforce on Education, Outreach & Engagement and leading voiceover experts from the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and Source Elements for a discussion on setting up a professional home VO studio.

Resources & Downloads

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Commercials Contract Main Rates
Audio Commercials Contract Rates
Dubbing Rates
Interactive Rate Sheet
Television Animation Agreement Rates
Television (Dramatic) Rates
Television (Net Code - inc. promos) Rates
Theatrical (inc. trailers) Rates
Corporate/Education & Non-Broadcast Rates
Promotional Announcement and TV Trailer Rates
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SAG-AFTRA actors - with credits ranging from Firewatch, Gone Home, and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine to Destiny 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Overwatch - share their passion for indie video game work and fully unbox the new indie agreement, alongside friendly union staff eager to answer your questions and get your next performance-enhanced project registered for you.

Contact Info

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
VoiceoverDubbing, Interactive, Promotional Announcements & Theatrical Trailers

(323) 549-6815
Commercials, Corporate Education, & Non-BroadcastLos Angeles

(323) 549-6858
Commercials, Corporate Education, & Non-BroadcastNew York

(212) 827-1454
Entertainment Contracts Los Angeles Theatrical

(323) 549-6828 OR

Entertainment Contracts New York Theatrical

(212) 827-1553
Entertainment Contracts Los Angeles Television & Animation

(323) 549-6835
Entertainment Contracts New York Television

(212) 863-4270
Entertainment Contracts New Media

(323) 549-6835
AudiobooksNew York

(212) 863-4242
AudiobooksWashington-Mid Atlantic

(301) 657-2560 x4859
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Ever wonder how actors featured in your favorite video games got there? Tune into this NGP panel to get advice on how video games are cast, how to put your best foot forward in auditions and hear about additional resources to help prepare for your role.


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