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"2019 SAG-AFTRA Elections" in black on a two-tone yellow brush strokes
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Union Revokes 6 Illegitimate Employers in black text with yellow background and black paint brushes around the edges
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Yellow cartooned design fist on left 1/3. "We're on Strike Against Ad Agency BBH"  on right 2/3 on a black honeycomb textured backgorund.
'We are SAG-AFTRA Radio Broadcasters' Microphone with 'LIVE LOCAL DIGITAL' to the right of it
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The Wages & Working Conditions Process

in preparation for the SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Contracts Negotiations

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SAG-AFTRA Elections Information is Now Available

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Celebrating Dads!

Making socks and sandals cool every day of the year!

SAG-AFTRA Revokes Signatory Status of Six Illegitimate Employers

As part of its ongoing investigation into companies representing themselves as employers under the Commercials Contracts, SAG-AFTRA has revoked the signatory status of six “signatory service” entities.

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Residuals Direct Deposit Now Available

Residuals payments can now be distributed electronically to a member’s bank account.

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Stand With Us.

Learn more about the strike and how you can help.


Bargain Fairly Entercom Communications!

SAG-AFTRA members working at Entercom news and music radio stations have gone public with their disappointment with the company’s proposals.

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YOU can help make #AdsGoUnion a success

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Tell us why you're proud to be a SAG-AFTRA member.

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What are Upfront Use Packages in the 2019 Commercials Contracts?

FLEXIBLE. INNOVATIVE. GROUNDBREAKING. Bold new contracts with new & innovative upfront use packages for an evolving industry.

Show us your card! Join thousands of SAG-AFTRA members from across the country sharing their union pride.

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