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Aloha and welcome to the Hawaii Local of SAG-AFTRA.

We invite all media and entertainment performers and producers to navigate the site and call or email our Executive Director Mericia Palma Elmore with your questions or comments. Her contact information can be found under About Our Local.

The Hawaii Local is here to serve its members and assist producers in employing the best talent in Hawaii.

David C. Farmer, Hawaii Local President

Global Rule One

Recently there has been some apparent confusion about the status of legacy SAG Global Rule One in our post-merger SAG-AFTRA world. The short answer is, as more fully explained below, Global Rule One is alive and well.

Please understand that, although there is a real question why any professional would want to work for less than contractual scale or give up contractually guaranteed benefits and on-set protections, there are also real and substantial potential penalties involved for violation of Global Rule One.

What is Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work?

Global Rule One for all SAG-AFTRA members states that "No member shall work as a performer or make an agreement to work as a performer for any producer who has not executed a basic minimum agreement with the [union] which is in full force and effect."  This provision is worldwide.

The SAG-AFTRA Merger Agreement (Section VI.C, Initial Rules, Regulations and Policies) specifically provides that the AFTRA “No Contract/ No Work” Rule and SAG Global Rule One continue to apply after merger just as they always have. The merger agreement also provides that the rules and regulations of both legacy entities shall remain in effect post-merger (Section VI.A) until or at such time the national board adopts different rules, regulations or policies.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, SAG Global Rule One and the AFTRA No Contract/No Work Rule are substantially the same. The fact that AFTRA’s No Contract/No Work rule applies differently in single-employer situations will not change the way Global Rule One is enforced and No Contract/No Work applies in areas such as commercials, scripted TV, interactive, etc.

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Do We Have Your Current Information

Do we have your current address, contact number and e-mail address?

We'd like to hear from you -- if you have moved, changed your contact numbers, etc. Many times members move but don't let their union know their new address and new contact numbers, so when we get a residual check or a call for a job we spend a lot of time trying to locate you.

Therefore, if you have moved, changed your contact numbers or email address, please notify the SAG-AFTRA office. We'd like to keep you in the loop.


Beware of Scams

Beware of Scams Being Perpetrated in Hawaii

There are people out there who are selling dreams and union memberships to people who want to be in the film business. Beware and remember performers are paid to be in productions. Performers do not pay to be in movies and television productions (unions and non-union).

We have to be vigilant and protect our industry.

Please tell your family and friends. And, if you are aware of any scams report it to the Consumer Protection Agency and the police.

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