We champion your civil rights. We educate. We advocate.

SAG-AFTRA’s Equity & Inclusion Department provides continuous support to its members, locals, the global labor movement, industry allies, advocacy groups and communities that share similar core visions. Our efforts ensure the existence and compliance of equal employment opportunities and mandates in all contract areas including protections for minors, protection from sexual harassment, which moves the industry towards a diverse and accurate reflection of our true American Scene.

We enforce and negotiate Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action provisions in all SAG-AFTRA contracts to ensure that the workplace is free from discrimination and harassment. We monitor legislative and regulatory changes affecting our members’ interests and advocate on their behalf. We educate and empower members with contract and workplace rights. We advise and consult with industry professionals on issues of diversity, equal employment and non-discrimination.


Need to file a harassment or discrimination complaint?

The Equity & Inclusion Department processes discrimination and harassment complaints from SAG-AFTRA members.


Race & Storytelling: Through the Latino Lens

"Race & Storytelling: Through the Latino Lens" across top in black. L-R headshots of Salas, Bucatinsky, Calderon Kellet, Gonzalez, Hool, Rodriguez, Torres

As we celebrate the rich cultural contributions of the Latino community during Hispanic Heritage month, we are reminded that there is still much work to be done to create inclusivity and authentic representation on screen and behind the camera in the community.

Inclusion for All.

Our department is committed to positively influencing the entertainment, news and media industries through Equity & Inclusion policies and committees. The star power and greater visibility enjoyed by diverse performers in front of the camera and behind the mic is a direct result of decades of activism spearheaded by individual minority groups, advocacy civil rights organizations as well as SAG-AFTRA.

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