Music Videos

Music Video Agreement

  • The Music Video Agreement defines a music video as an audiovisual product that contains as its underlying audio track a sound recording produced under the SAG-AFTRA Sound Recordings Code, and a visual element of the type traditionally produced for exhibition on cable television or made available for digital distribution via Internet streaming and/or download.

Who’s Covered?

    • All performers engaged in a music video are covered by the agreement, including actors, announcers, dancers, models, narrators, singers and stunt performers.
    • Choreographers and assistant choreographers are covered for purposes of health and retirement contributions only.
    • Up to ten (10) Background Actors are covered for budgets over $50,000
    • This agreement does not include instrumental musicians.


  • Step 1

    Prior to auditions, prior to casting, prior to production, to use a SAG-AFTRA member in a music video, a SAG-AFTRA signatory must be attached to the project. The signatory is generally the owner of the material being produced and will remain financially responsible for any future obligations under the Music Video Agreement. 

    Step 2

    If a record label is currently a signatory to the SAG-AFTRA Sound Recordings Code, they are also signed to the Music Video Agreement.

    If the record label is not a signatory to the SAG-AFTRA Sound Recordings Code and you would like to apply to become a signatory on a One Production Only (OPO) basis, complete the Music Video Information Sheet.

    Step 3

    The Information Sheet will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a SAG-AFTRA business representative.. If approved, we will provide you with the Music Video Agreement to sign. Please note the Music Video Agreement is a one-production only agreement and must be signed per project. 


  • Be sure to collect each performer’s W-4 and complete the Production Report so payment can be made in a timely manner to avoid late fees. 


  • Payments must be made to performers within 30 calendar days. The health and retirement payment, along with a copy of the Production Report, must be mailed to the Music Department. 

And that’s it!

  • If you have questions throughout any of the signatory process, please contact your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative at (323) 549-6864.

    Thank you for working with SAG-AFTRA.


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