What is a claim?

A claim inquiry is an allegation that the signatory employer on a SAG-AFTRA, AFTRA or SAG production has violated the collective bargaining agreement in any way. Once a claim inquiry has been filed with SAG-AFTRA, it is investigated by members of the Contracts Team to determine if it is valid with respect to the apparent facts and relevant contract provisions. If the claim inquiry has been determined to have sufficient validity, it is filed by SAG-AFTRA with the employer as a formal claim. If it has not been determined to be valid, the inquiry is closed and the performer(s) who submitted the inquiry is advised of the union’s decision and the reasons for the determination.

Please allow up to 30 business days for a Claim Inquiry Status to show up in the Claim Inquiry tracker. If you do not see it, please contact the appropriate department to which you submitted the claim.

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