• The Commercials Contracts cover advertising programs generally under three minutes in length and intended for use on television, foreign, theatrical, radio and new media.


  • Step 1

    Prior to auditions, prior to casting, prior to production, to use a SAG-AFTRA member in a commercial, there must be a SAG-AFTRA signatory attached to the project. The signatory could be an advertising agency or an advertiser. If a signatory is not already attached and you would like your company to become a signatory, complete a Preliminary Information Form.

    Step 2

    A SAG-AFTRA Business Representative will contact you and provide you with a packet of forms. Complete and return the following documents from your packet:

    1. Signatory Information Sheet
    2. Corporate Resolution/Limited Liability Corporation/Limited Partnership Authorization
    3. Credit Check

    Step 3

    Email the completed form to the Commercials Department or fax to (212) 944-6774.

    A SAG-AFTRA Business Representative will contact you within two business days to discuss your interest in becoming a signatory.

    Step 4

    Once your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative has reviewed your documents and you have signed the Letter of Adherence, you may begin the audition and hiring process. At auditions, an Exhibit E Sign-In Form must be made available and returned to the Commercials Department within 15 business days of the audition date.

    Step 5

    Upon hiring your cast, you must clear your cast with SAG-AFTRA to verify that the performers you have hired are in good standing. This is referred to as the Cast Clearance (or Station 12) process.


  • Step 6

    On the actual shoot day(s), an on or off-camera principal performer is given an Exhibit A-1 Employment Contract and an extra is given an Exhibit A-2 Employment Contract. This contract contains information on hours of work, hours for fitting, pay rate, overtime, use type (seasonal, non-air demo, cable-only, etc.), and any special provisions that apply.

    Working With Non-SAG-AFTRA Members

    If any of the cast are not yet SAG-AFTRA members, you should submit the applicable Taft-Hartley Report, along with a head shot and resume, to the Commercials Department within 15 days after their work date.


  • Payment must be made to the performer within 15 business days of the session. The Pension & Health payment is made directly to the SAG -Producers Pension Plan in Burbank, CA. Specific information regarding this payment can be found on the Pension & Health Reporting Form.

And that’s it!

  • At any point, please feel free to contact the Commercials Department with questions. We are here to assist you in ensuring that your experience with producing under the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract is a smooth and easy process.

    Thank you for working with SAG-AFTRA.

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