Television Live Action

Notice to Producers

  • Please be sure to visit for the latest guidelines, resources and FAQs on planning for a safe return to production.  

    Please submit your application no less than 4-6 weeks before your first date of work, including travel, rehearsal, and principal photography.  Failure to submit a Preliminary Information Form or Signatory Application in a timely manner may result in delays and/or your project not being granted clearance by SAG-AFTRA.

Quick Start Guide for Independent Producers

  • If you are planning to commence or resume production on a SAG-AFTRA covered project that requires any in person interaction between individuals, the union will be requiring materials related to your COVID-19 safety protocols. While this document doesn’t cover everything you need to know, this guide is intended to help you get started on the process. 

    Read Guide


  • The following are the steps you must take prior to your first day of travel, rehearsal or principal photography, whichever comes first (we recommend giving yourself at least three weeks).

    Step 1

    Start by completing the Preliminary Information Sheet.

    Email the completed form to

    A SAG-AFTRA Business Representative will contact you within a few days and send you a packet of information and documents.

    Step 2

    Required Documents

    Complete and return the following five documents from your packet:

    1. Television Information Sheet
    2. Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists Producers of Theatrical Motion Pictures
    3. Television Live Action Agreement
    4. SAG-AFTRA-Producers Pension Plan Adherence Letters
    5. Television/Theatrical Production Checklist

    Step 3

    Also complete and submit documentation that indicates who is employing the performers:

    • Corporation – Provide your Articles of Incorporation
    • Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) – Provide your Articles of Organization, LLC Operating Agreement
    • Partnership or Joint Venture – Provide your Fictitious Business Name Statement (if applicable) and Partnership Agreement (if applicable).

    Step 4

    Send your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative the following three required production documents:

    1. Complete Pre-Production Cast List
    2. A copy of the shooting script
    3. Day Out of Days

    Step 5

    When all of the outlined requirements are fulfilled, your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative will give your production “clearance,” allowing you to verify with the Union that the Performers and Background Actors you’ve hired for your project are in good standing and can work.  This is referred to as the Station 12 clearance process.


  • Step 6

    During production, complete and submit to your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative Performer Contracts for Television Motion Pictures and, for each day of production, Production Time Report Forms (Exhibit G).

    Working With Non-Union Members

    If you are hiring a principal performer or background actor who is not yet a SAG-AFTRA member, you should submit the applicable Taft-Hartley Report to your Business Representative, along with a head shot and resume.


  • Step 7

    After production, complete and submit the following to your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative:

    1)    Final Cast List
    2)    Casting Data Report Forms

And that’s it!

  • If you have any questions throughout any of the signatory process, please contact a SAG-AFTRA Business Representative at the number listed below.


    Thank you for working with SAG-AFTRA!

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