Short Project

Short Project Agreement

  • The Short Project Agreement applies to those projects shooting entirely in the United States with a maximum total budget of $50,000 and a maximum total run time of 40 minutes. Note that this does not apply to episodic nor animated projects. 

    Please submit the required paperwork at least 3 weeks before the start of principal photography or before you intend to travel or rehearse performers (whichever is earliest). 

Quick Start Guide for Independent Producers

  • If you are planning to commence or resume production on a SAG-AFTRA covered project that requires any in person interaction between individuals, the union will be requiring materials related to your COVID-19 safety protocols. While this document doesn’t cover everything you need to know, this guide is intended to help you get started on the process. 

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  • Step 1

    Begin by filling out the Short Project Agreement Preliminary Information Form.

    * Please note, student projects would sign to the Student Film Agreement, and would begin by filling out the Student Film Agreement Preliminary Information Form.

    Step 2

    Within 2-3 business days, you will be assigned a Signatory Business Representative. Your Business Representative will send you a zip file including some important information and additional documents that we will need.

    Step 3

    Once we receive and review the requested documents, you will receive a link to DocuSign the Short Project Agreement and Pension & Health Adherence Letter.

    Step 4

    When all of the requirements above have been fulfilled, your Signatory Business Representative will grant you production “clearance,” which will allow the performers that you have cast to begin work.


  • Step 5

    Complete the following documents during production

    1. Each performer must sign a “Performer Contract – Short Project Agreement”
    2. If working in a zone with background coverage, each covered background actor must sign a “Background Actor Contract – Short Project Agreement”
    3. Complete a “Production Time Report – Exhibit G” for each day of production
    4. Complete the “Final Cast List Information Sheet” at the end of production

    Step 6

    Unless you are deferring payment to your performers, submit all pay checks to your SAG-AFTRA Signatory Business Representative no later than the Thursday following the week worked.


  • Step 7

    Follow the instructions given to you by your SAG-AFTRA Signatory Business Representative for submission of the following to SAG-AFTRA:

    • Signed copies of each Performer Contract and Background Actor Contract (include, if applicable, all performer deal memos, riders, side letters, addendums, long forms, etc.)
    • All completed “Production Time Report – Exhibit G” forms
    • The Final Cast List Information Sheet

    And that’s it!

    If you have any questions, please contact your SAG-AFTRA Business Representative!
    Short Project Agreement General Inquiry Line: (323) 549 - 6680

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