All new members pay a one-time-only initiation fee, plus the first semiannual dues at the time of joining.

The national initiation fee rate is currently $3,000, although it may be lower in some states.

Annual Base dues are $222.96. In addition, work dues are calculated at 1.575 percent of covered earnings up to $500,000.

Broadcast members should contact the National Broadcast Department or their Local for more information on initiation fees.

Don’t have the initiation fee?

The SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union may be able to help. It offers initiation loans for just that purpose. Terms of up to 24 months and the only requirement is that you open an account or belong to SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union. If you see a better rate elsewhere, let us know. We will do our best to match or beat that rate! 

Income verification is not required in most cases. Apply online at, in person at one of our branch offices or by calling our Member Service Center at 818.562.3400.

Actors Federal Credit Union also offers a union initiation fee loan. Terms include: the maximum loan amount not to exceed SAG-AFTRA’s current initiation amount, 5 percent of loan value required in savings account, and the rate is dependent upon financing term selected. Application and complete list of current rates available at:

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