The Ads Go Union Commercial Organizing Campaign is a member-driven initiative that protects and increases union commercial work.

Do you have information about a non-union commercial? We want to hear from you.

Email us at or call (877) 280-6705.

Any Information you provide is completely confidential, and your name and contact information are not required.  

Thank you for your confidential support in helping more Ads Go Union.

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Take a look at how SAG-AFTRA’s #AdsGoUnion campaign is creating more jobs for our members in the evolving ad industry.

Steps We’re Taking:

  • Enforcing our contracts – we make sure union signatories only shoot union.
  • Building alliances with industry partners that include talent agents and casting directors.
  • Coordinating organizing efforts with sister unions – DGA, IATSE and Teamsters.
  • Promoting our contracts to advertisers, ad agencies and production companies.
  • Engaging and enlisting more members in our organizing efforts.
  • Reaching out to pre-members and providing information on the benefits of SAG-AFTRA membership.
  • Promoting our new “made-in/played-in” local and regional codes.
  • Connecting with the next generation of commercials actors through outreach to acting schools and improv houses.
  • Enforcing Global Rule One - SAG-AFTRA is cracking down on members who work non-union and in the last year over 100 members have been sent through the disciplinary process.

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