SAG-AFTRA offers this searchable database to all performers both SAG-AFTRA members and non-members alike who'd like to find out if a production is signatory to a SAG-AFTRA contract.

If you don't find the project you're looking for here, the production may still be pending the contract approval process or may be listed with SAG-AFTRA under another name.

In the event that a production title or signatory name is not returned in the search on this page, visitors are advised to also check with the contract department.

If you have any other questions, please contact SAG-AFTRA.

Contact Information

Contract DepartmentPhone Number
Theatrical Motion Pictures(323) 549-6828
Television(212) 863-4270
Commercials(323) 634-8160
New Media(323) 549-6446
Sound Recordings and Music Videos(323) 634-8150


Remember, SAG-AFTRA members must comply with Global Rule One and No Contract/No Work. Click here for more information on Global Rule 1 and No Contract/No Work.


The SAG-AFTRA Signatory Confirmation Database for Distributors is maintained to provide a resource for distributors and other buyers of rights in motion pictures. It contains SAG-AFTRA contract coverage information. THIS DATABASE IS NOT YOUR ONLY RESOURCE FOR INFORMATION ON SAG COVERAGE.

A SAG-AFTRA representative can answer questions about this database, how to use it, or what its results mean.

* Production Year is a required field. The system will search for productions both three years before and three years after the year entered.

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