Members and non-members earn residuals through their work on SAG-AFTRA contracts. Learn more about these payments, how to track them and their unique history and terminology below.


Residuals include payments made for free TV, basic cable, pay cable, video/DVD, New Media, and theatrical productions. Commercial residuals are not processed by SAG-AFTRA, but are mailed direct from the payroll companies and will not be listed on the Residuals Tracker. If you have a question about commercial residuals, please contact the Commercials Department at (323) 549-6858, or by email:

Because of the way some productions report payments for multiple markets or runs, all payments for the production may be “rolled up” into one amount.

This amount will show up on a single market line of the production detail, with subsequent markets showing $0.00. This does not mean that you were not paid for the other markets, just that the total aggregated amount is reported in the one market.

In addition, should you choose to view payments currently in process, the net amount will not be available in the check detail. That information is not entered until the payment is fully processed and has a mail date. Members should expect to receive their residuals within 60 days from the date SAG-AFTRA receives the checks and producers’ information.

Want to track your residuals? Click here for the Residuals Portal.

Have a question about your residual payment? Call the Member Care Contact Center at (855) SAG-AFTRA/(855) 724-2387.

For general residuals questions related to specific pictures, please call the Member Care Contact Center at (855) SAG-AFTRA/(855) 724-2387, or click here for the Residuals Inquiry Form. 

Looking for information on Foreign Royalties? Click here.


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In order that we may better respond to inquiries regarding residuals, please select the following scenario that best describes your situation.

For general residuals questions:For a residuals history report/printout of past residuals paid and payments that are not fully processed: For monies held in trust, please contact the Residuals Trust Department:For changes to your residuals mailing address and updates for loan-out corporations, contact the Residuals Trust Department:To notify us of a deceased family member or providing beneficiary information, please contact the Residuals Estates Department:For lost or stale dated residuals checks, please contact Stop Payment/Reissue Department:
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