You may be due residuals as a performer, loan out, or as a beneficiary/heir of a performer. If the union is holding unclaimed residuals, it is because we can't locate you. We may not have current or updated information in our database or we may not know you are the rightful beneficiary/heir.

Ways to search:

  • Type in full or partial first name
  • Type in a full or partial last name
  • Select the first letter of a last name from the alphabet
  • If using a loan out name to search, type the full or partial loan out name in the first name field

Note: For quicker results, fill in multiple fields.

Please note: The information provided is based on data from the previous day.

If after your search, you believe you may be due unclaimed residuals, please review the information below. Remember, there are many performers with similar names and identity must be verified before distribution.

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