Situated in the West, Nevada is rooted with beautiful desert landscapes and rich history.

In the Nevada Local, members gather for Conservatory workshops, explore casting opportunities and use SAG-AFTRA resources to propel their careers. Whether you’re an actor looking for information about our market or a producer searching for talent, the Nevada Local is here to help.

Delegates enjoying their time at the food trucks!

Nevada Local delegates during the convention.

Nevada Local delegates during the convention.

Delegates pose for a photo.

National Executive Director David White speaks before convention delegates.

President Gabrielle Carteris during her convention keynote.

Nevada Local delegates during the convention.

Secretary-Treasurer Jane Austin on day 3 of convention.

The convention delegation.

Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon addresses the convention.

SAG-AFTRA executive officers with National Exeucitve Director David White.

Delegates attend the convention gala, ‘A Legendary Evening.’

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