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Benefits of Working SAG-AFTRA Commercials

  • You're compensated for your skill and talent – The union establishes rates and guarantees that you receive fair wages.
  • You're paid for your exposure – With a union job, you get residuals, which means you get paid for as long as the advertiser wants to run your commercial.
  • You get benefits – Your earnings under a SAG-AFTRA contract help you qualify for great health benefits and pension.
  • You're safe – Under a SAG-AFTRA contract, safe working conditions are required.
  • You’re paid on time – Your payment must be timely, or your employer pays penalties.
  • You're not alone – A team of experts has your back if you run into any trouble on set or after the shoot.
  • You have control over your brand – You have a say over how long you’re associated with a product: Advertisers need your permission and must negotiate with you to run your commercial for more than 21 months.
  • You get respect – Membership in SAG-AFTRA is the mark of a professional performer.

Dangers of Working on Non-Union Commercials

  • Exploitation – You may not be paid fairly, on time, or at all for your talent and skill when you shoot a non-union ad, and that ad might run for years without compensation.
  • Physical Danger – You can get hurt working non-union. There are no guarantees that you’ll be on a safe set.
  • Overexposure – You can lose control over your brand by doing ads that run in perpetuity. This makes it impossible for casting directors to consider you for good union jobs, which can also make it harder to land or keep a great agent.
  • Vicious Circle – You contribute to the loss of good paying union jobs and the growth of non-union commercials by allowing producers access to professional talent for less than you’re worth.
  • Dog-Eat-Dog – If you accept less than union minimums, you undercut your peers and create an environment where wages will be driven lower and lower. Divided we fall.
  • Low Self Esteem – If you’re a professional performer, you deserve professional pay and professional working conditions. Accepting less diminishes your value to the industry and to yourself.

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