Member Organizing Volunteer Efforts

MOVE educates, informs and encourages member dialogue on contract issues; educational topics such as the history of the SAG-AFTRA; understanding the Constitution and By-Laws, Roberts Rules of Order and membership responsibilities. MOVE mobilizes and energizes fellow members to organize and build national union solidarity and strengthen a powerful, active membership. MOVE believes that it takes SAG-AFTRA members to inform and mobilize other SAG-AFTRA members. 

National Board member leslie Shreve leads a SAG-AFTRA contingent of all generations up Fifth Avenue during the Labor Day Parade.

SAG-AFTRA members march, wave and bust a move on their way up Fifth Avenue during the Labor Day Parade.

SAG-AFTRA attended the opening of YouTube’s New York Studio, which offers facilities for content creators.

New York Board member Marc Baron, Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon, National Board member Kevin Scullin, former New York President Mike Hodge and member Molly Ballard at YouTube’s New York Studio opening.

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