Member Outreach, Relations and Education

MORE empowers SAG-AFTRA members with information related to their business and their ability to effectively manage and take responsibility for their individual careers as union members. MORE is committed to the idea that a self-empowered member is a more effective, employable member. MORE conducts outreach on the importance of union membership.  MORE assists with member-to-member relations on a local level. MORE hosts member orientations, seminars, and other activities designed to inspire self-empowerment in the business.

Members proudly show their cards following a New York member orientation.

Member Orientation Subcommittee member Kathy Keane and Executive Vice President and New York Local President Rebecca Damon explain how SAG-AFTRA works at a New York member orientation.

SAG-AFTRA New York members wave to their union brothers and sisters in Miami during a joint video conference.

New York Board member Sandra Karas leads a VITA tax seminar.

You're Invited! MORE's Next Membership Orientation

If you’ve recently joined SAG-AFTRA or have not yet been able to attend a new member orientation, join us to learn all about the union and what it can do for you.

Check out the Events page here for upcoming orientation dates, or email us at with your SAG-AFTRA member ID number to be added to the member orientation notification list.

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