The SAG-AFTRA MOVE L.A. Committee presented Finding Your Voice in TV/Film Animation, a panel featuring seasoned voice actors, talent agents, voice directors and vocal contractors who provided inside tips on how to be a successful voiceover artist to members.

The SAG-AFTRA MOVE L.A. Committee presented Pilot Season Pt. 2, a panel featuring studio execs, casting directors, and fellow actors explaining to members how they can best navigate through pilot season.

As our media industry looks to the future, we have seen the positive effects of those speaking out for diversity and content begins to more accurately mirror the American scene. However, in the diversity buzz, we rarely hear the call to include our performers with disabilities. Content creators please come join us to become better acquainted with the rich diversity of talent available in this community, and hear from industry professionals who are working to cast and include the disabilities community.

In this seminar, you will learn practical ways to properly assess what you’re doing and ways you can be more productive in the industry that will still allow you to be creative both when you are and are not working directly in acting roles.

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