On every set, every day, stand-ins, also known as the "second team," are rehearsing, helping the crew prepare lighting and covering for an actor so that camera and lighting crews can finalize their movement and equipment settings. Learn from film and TV single-cam, TV multi-cam, game and awards show rehearsal actors and stand-ins what their jobs entail, the pros and cons, wages and misconceptions. We will also examine what casting agents looks for when hiring stand-ins and how assistant directors want stand-ins to hold themselves on set.

In this panel, directors, cinematographers and editors will share critical tips to optimize your performance on set and give you the best chance of remaining in the final cut. These industry professionals will provide insight on the do’s and don’ts, process and elements that determine the final product on screen.

SAG-AFTRA members and staff discuss how to navigate from creative ideas and concepts to actually being able to get your own project done.

MOVE presents: Images of Black Women In The Entertainment Industry, this panel discusses Deidrie Henry’s (actor, Beyond the Lights) experience during the Popeyes commercial controversy in 2014 and the powerful impact it had on her career afterward. Have you seen the viral Popeyes commercials?

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