The SAG-AFTRA podcast has resonated with members since its launch in January. Now, the successful series is catching the ear of an even wider audience. Total downloads reached more than 30,000 in October, thanks to the release of some popular new episodes.

“Stacking Auditions in Your Favor,” released Oct. 1, hit 2,818 downloads in less than four weeks. It is the podcast’s most-downloaded episode after “Social Media Superstars on the Future of Entertainment” (2,050 downloads), released Feb. 17, and “Actor-to-Actor with Alan Alda” (2,038 downloads), released May 24.

The show, hosted by President Gabrielle Carteris and National Executive Director David White has released 21 episodes. It features in-depth interviews, industry insights and compelling stories affecting the entertainment and media industry.

SAG-AFTRA also produces a Spanish language podcast hosted by members Ana Carolina Grajales and Sylvia Villagran and Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland. It isn’t a translation of the English version; it’s crafted specifically for Spanish-speaking performers, including those who are members of Latin American sister unions, since they often work under SAG-AFTRA contracts or for producers in the United States or in their home countries.

Like its English counterpart, the hosts interview industry movers and shakers and go in-depth on the issues that matter most to listeners.

This item was originally featured in the fall 2019 issue of SAG-AFTRA magazine.

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