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After 25 years, what I think my job is, is to stack the deck in my favor from the moment that [audition] call comes through … [and] get a chance to show somebody across the way that I know how to act, that I know what I’m doing and that they can trust me in front of the camera, on the stage [or] in their movie to handle their words and act like a professional.

Patrick Fabian


It’s no secret that the auditions process has undergone its share of changes. The window for actors preparing for in-person auditions seems to grow smaller and smaller with each passing role, and there are moments when there’s no time to explore — or even understand — the character to your satisfaction. Not only that, as casting directors begin to more fully utilize self-taped auditions, there are things even the most seasoned performers now have to consider when they get the call for work.

With an introduction by SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, this episode of the podcast goes to a live recording of SAG-AFTRA’s Audition Strategy and Job Clarity panel. Moderated by MOVE Committee Member Richard Fancy, the panel includes members Patrick Fabian (Better Call Saul) and Bob Telford (Parks and Recreation), Principal Entertainment L.A. talent manager Liz York and editor Jordan Goldman. These industry professionals have a candid, humorous conversation about how auditioning for roles continues to change and evolve in time with the industry’s own evolution. They discuss the new challenges that come with in-person and self-taped auditions, provide words of advice in approaching self-taping and talk about how to bring your best self and performance, both on screen and off.

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