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GSA Contract Update

To all members represented by an ATA/NATR agency that have chosen to sign a General Services Agreement (or “GSA”) with their agent:

There has been some confusion among the SAG-AFTRA membership regarding the scope of application for General Services Agreements (“GSA”) that some of you have chosen to sign to memorialize your agency relationships with ATA/NATR agencies. Please note that while a GSA (a/k/a State-Approved Talent Agency Contract) may be signed in your relationship with an ATA/NATR agent for the purposes of legacy SAG-covered work (and, indeed, other areas outside of SAG-AFTRA’s jurisdiction), these contracts cannot be used to represent SAG-AFTRA members for legacy AFTRA-covered work. Accordingly, if your ATA/NATR agency is representing you for legacy AFTRA-covered work, and the parties wish to enter into a written agreement, they are required to execute standard legacy AFTRA contracts for representation. These union-negotiated contracts clarify commissionability rules as well as all other aspects of the agent-member relationship. Legacy AFTRA agency contracts can be downloaded free of charge here.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Professional Representatives Department at (323) 549-6745 in LA or (212) 863-4230 in NY if you have any questions regarding any aspect of your agency relationships. You can also reach Professional Representatives Department staff here:

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