The SAG-AFTRA Professional Representatives Department is responsible for all agency and personal management needs, including, but not limited to:

  • the interpretation and enforcement of legacy SAG’s Agency Regulations and Contracts, [a/k/a Rule 16(g)], legacy AFTRA’s Agency Regulations and Contracts, [a/k/a Rule 12-C]—both of which have been carried forward and incorporated into the merged Union, SAG-AFTRA—as well as the SAG-AFTRA Personal Managers Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • providing assistance on contract review, dispute resolution and general guidance on agency/management relationships
  • responding to performers’ questions and concerns about their agency/management relationships
  • investigating member complaints
  • interacting with agents, attorneys, casting directors, managers and other designated performer representatives on all topics
  • mediating disputes between agents and members and/or managers and members in order to diffuse conflicts before arbitration becomes necessary
  • maintaining working relationships with talent agency organizations (e.g., ATA, NATR), and/or management organizations (e.g., TMA)
  • advising members on the terms and conditions of general service agreements (or “GSAs”) (agency contracts used by ATA/NATR agents to represent SAG-AFTRA performers for SAG-covered work only)
  • keeping abreast of new legislation relating to the agency and personal management arenas  and how that can affect SAG-AFTRA members
  • consulting and assisting SAG-AFTRA staff across the country on agency rulings and policy and our members’ relationships with managers
  • facilitating arbitration between members and agents and/or members and managers, when necessary.

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