Billy Holden and Gabrielle Carteris

G’day, Billy Holden here, vice president, Utah, of the Arizona-Utah Local.   

Wow, what an incredible SAG-AFTRA National Convention for 2019. I saw lots of members from the 2017 convention, and I also met many new, energetic, positively minded people working toward unity for our wonderful union. I met delegates from all the locals from across the country and made some great connections. 

At the start of the convention, there was a slight rift with differences of opinion. However, our union is about unity, compromise and accomplishing goals for all our union members. We passed numerous resolutions and heard from national officers elected at convention. President Gabrielle Carteris has a rock-solid team beside her to guide us through another two years, encouraging our delegates to work together to accomplish the goals at hand. Bravo!  

A safe working environment for all people on set is a paramount subject and something our union is working very hard to accomplish. Other union initiatives include using technology for contract enforcement, simplifying the signatory process by electronic means, and direct deposit payments to bank accounts, saving paper and postage for residuals. For more convention info, click here

I urge all union members to download the SAG-AFTRA member app to your smart devices to get production listings, info on local events and to stay connected. The app even has a digital version of your union card.  

I’ll close with good local news for members in Utah. Welcome to Dale McKeel, who is now serving on the Arizona-Utah Local Board as a representative for Utah.

To another wonderful and prosperous term. 

By Billy Holden, vice president, Utah, for the Arizona-Utah Local newsletter. 

Photo: Delegate Billy Holden and President Gabrielle Carteris at the 2019 SAG-AFTRA Convention. Photo by Melinda Chilton


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