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About the App

Made exclusively for members, the SAG-AFTRA app lets you track residuals, keep tabs on specific projects, read the latest news, add events to your calendar, answer key contract questions and snag special deals. Featuring facial recognition and touch ID, the app also allows you to stay current with your membership dues through a secure online payment portal. 

A SAG-AFTRA card has long been the mark of true entertainment and media professionals. Now the SAG-AFTRA app gives you a powerful toolkit that can assist your career at every stage.



Keep all your important contact info up to date.

What’s paid? What’s pending? Follow your checks with ease.

Star your projects and see what’s shooting in your area.

On set or on the go, get answers to key contract questions.

Read breaking news stories and add events to your calendar.

Stay Updated with App Updates

The SAG-AFTRA app regularly is updated to add cool, new features like TouchID or facial recognition, and, if needed, fix bugs.

Here’s how to make sure the SAG-AFTRA member app automatically updates:

On an iOS device: 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click [your name]
  3. Click iTunes & App Store
  4. Find the SAG-AFTRA app and turn on Automatic Downloads

On an Android device: 

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Click the Menu Menu Icon in the top left corner
  3. Click My Apps and Games
  4. Under Installed Tab, click the SAG-AFTRA app
  5. Tap More More Icon in the top right corner
  6. Check the Enable Auto Update box


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