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I had so much anxiety most of my career because I was never ready. I never expected to act, sing or dance; I thought I was going to be a TV announcer.

Dick Van Dyke

49th Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award Recipient

Dick Van Dyke is a performer like no other. With an early dream to become a TV announcer, his career has encompassed memorable musical, dramatic and comedic performances both on and off screen, spanning seven decades. It is only appropriate that we honor this master of the craft with a classic rewind podcast.

With a foreword from SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris and National Executive Director David White, we’re taken back to a 2012 interview with Van Dyke, just prior to his receiving the 49th Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. What starts as an interview between the actor and late SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard quickly becomes a conversation between old friends. Throughout their talk, Van Dyke regales Howard with stories from his early years in radio, lessons he learned over the years through his work on classic films like Mary Poppins and the eponymous television series The Dick Van Dyke Show, his struggles with addiction and his lifelong philanthropic work.

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