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Way back in the day, people pigeonholed [actors]: You were a singer, you were a comic, you were this or that … [but] I think a person can do it all if they have it in them.

Carol Burnett

52nd Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award Recipient

Each year, SAG-AFTRA honors an actor of legendary skill with the SAG Life Achievement Award. It recognizes the impact of a performer’s career, as well as their philanthropic efforts.

This podcast episode is a throwback to a 2014 Actor-to-Actor interview between 52nd SAG Life Achievement Award recipient and comedic legend Carol Burnett and late SAG-AFTRA President Ken Howard. Burnett candidly discussed the beginnings of her career and the impact her variety program, The Carol Burnett Show, had on her as a performer, as well as the close relationship she shared with peers Jimmy Stewart and Lucille Ball.

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The 26th Annual SAG Awards takes place at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on Jan. 19 on TNT and TBS. Visit the SAG Awards website for more information on this year’s nominees and 56th SAG Life Achievement Award recipient Robert De Niro.

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