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We have been advised that SAG-AFTRA members who work background jobs are sometimes still being asked to write their Social Security Number on vouchers. Members should know that they are not required to provide their Social Security Number on vouchers, only on their W-4 or I-9 forms. SAG-AFTRA staff regularly reminds casting and production companies of this fact, but the information does not always filter down to production assistants and others. If you encounter a problem, feel free to speak to a SAG-AFTRA field representative on set or call the Background Actors Department at (323) 549-6811. 

In addition, retaliation against a member for refusing to write their Social Security Number on a voucher, either in the form of not getting paid or not being hired again, is a violation of labor law and should be reported to SAG-AFTRA. You are also not required to provide demographic information on vouchers, such as gender, race or ethnicity. And unless you are a minor, you are not required to supply your date of birth.

The specific language from our 2017 TV/Theatrical Memorandum of Agreement that addresses this issue is quoted below. Note, you must have already provided a W-4 with your Social Security Number to the casting agency.

“Within ninety (90) days after receipt of notice of ratification, AMPTP shall send a notice to major background casting agencies advising them to continue any past practice of processing a background actor's paycheck without a Social Security Number on the voucher if the background casting agency already received a completed W-4 or the equivalent from the background actor and the background actor provided his or her SAG-AFTRA identification number.”


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