Hawaii convention delegates

Meeting in person the many wonderful and talented SAG-AFTRA members and the awesome helpful staff and attending an advance screening of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood at the SAG-AFTRA convention in October was an amazing experience. Being part of the gala that included the American Scene Awards and George Heller Memorial Awards ceremonies was the icing on the cake! The “cake” consisted of the most rewarding opportunity before the convention to review many proposals that members worked so hard to put together and submit. 

At the convention, the fast-paced momentum of very rich opportunities continued. Most of the delegates’ time and energy was devoted to voting on a great number of resolutions. These resolutions went through review after being submitted as proposals, and were then presented to the delegates for vote. 

It was such a rewarding experience to represent the Hawaii Local at the convention, knowing that I had a voice through voting for proposals that would move us forward in this industry and as a union. I would like to thank the members of the Hawaii Local for allowing me this first opportunity to attend the SAG-AFTRA National Convention. It’s an experience all members should have. I encourage all in the next election cycle (2021) to go out and seek through the nomination and voting process a convention delegate position. It is an excellent opportunity to serve in our wonderful union!

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By Hawaii Local Secretary and convention delegate Leanne Natsuyo Teves for the Hawaii newsletter.

Top photo: From left, Hawaii Local convention delegates Scott Rogers, Deborah Glazier and Lisa Romano, Los Angeles Local delegate Amy Hill, and Hawaii Local delegates Jean Simon and Leanne Natsuyo Teves at the 2019 SAG-AFTRA National Convention. Photo by Leanne Natsuyo Teves.

SAG-AFTRA Vice President, Los Angeles Clyde Kusatsu, second from left, joins Hawaii Local convention delegates for a photo at the 2019 SAG-AFTRA National Convention. From left, David Farmer, Kusatsu, Leanne Natsuyo Teves and Jean Simon. Photo by Leanne Natsuyo Teves.


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