Scott Rogers


I was honored to attended my fourth SAG-AFTRA National Convention from Oct. 10–13, where we vetted almost 80 proposed resolutions and a constitutional amendment, and elected national vice presidents. So as not to waste space, I’ll leave it to President Farmer to describe convention and name our wonderful delegation (he also provided a link to learn more about our convention!).

In addition to convention, I also attended some 18 hours of National Board meetings on Oct. 10, 14 and 15, where we received the 33 resolutions passed at convention and referred them to the appropriate committees. We also approved the population of all our national committees. I’m also very proud to report that we have 10 Hawai’i Local members serving on national committees! Not sure if that sets a record for us, but it’s certainly a lot for a local of our size, and something to be proud of. #HawaiiRepresents!

I am also very proud (please forgive the brag!) to have been voted onto the National Executive Committee once again by my peers on the National Board (the only Hawai’i member EVER elected to Exec!) and to be named chair of the National Conservatory Committee, which I have co-chaired for several years. I believe this may also be the first time a Hawai’i member was named chair of a national committee, and I am both honored and humbled by this show of confidence in a Hawai’i member. In closing, I want to say a big mahalo nui loa to all of our delegates for taking time off work and time out of their lives to attend convention and work tirelessly for our members. Side note: Some of our delegates had to spend their own money for lodging, food and to travel to L.A. Now that's commitment! 

I mua!

In solidarity,

Scott Rogers, National Board Member


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