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Dear Twin Cities Local Member,

The threat that we as a nation are facing is serious but we will make it through by listening to public health experts and exercising caution.  It is crucial in the coming weeks that we work together and advocate for our fellow members and our local communities.

Please know that during this difficult time, SAG-AFTRA’s top priority is the health, safety and well-being of our members. We are aware of the challenges many members face as production has temporarily ceased. SAG-AFTRA is regularly updating its COVID-19 resource page on the website with the latest updates so please continue to check this site.

In addition, it is critical in the coming weeks that we work together and advocate for our fellow members and our local communities. To assist members of the Twin Cities Local, we have compiled critical resources available to members living in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and have listed these below. This will be updated online as needed.

While this evolving situation seems to be moving quickly at times, please know your local staff are working remotely to ensure the union’s core functions, including residuals processing, continue.

Download the SAG-AFTRA member app to be the first to receive the latest news. Sign up for direct deposit so residuals are securely deposited in your bank account. Watch your emails for the latest updates and possible calls to action. Stay safe by following the advice of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the guidance of local government authorities. And please look out for one another.

In unity,

Peter Moore,
Twin Cities Local President

Unemployment Insurance updates
Apply for Unemployment Benefits Online
FAQ on Unemployment Insurance
Food Bank
Forecast Public Art Resources
Meals for Children in need
Mental Health
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Minneapolis Arts Resources
Minnesota Department of Health COVID 19 site 
National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota
Springboard For the Arts Covid Relief
State Health Exchange Enrollment
Substance Abuse
The Gottleib Foundation Arts Resources
Twin Cities Music Community Trust
United Way
Minnesota Rental Assistance
Worker Safety

North Dakota
FAQs regarding Unemployment Insurance
General Information about the Unemployment Insurance Program
Food Bank
Mental Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness Fargo/Moorhead
North Dakota AFL-CIO
North Dakota Department of Health COVID 19 site
North Dakota Rental Assistance
Substance Abuse
United Way

South Dakota
General Information about the Reemployment Assistance program
Food Bank
Labor Department Accepting Unemployment Claims from School Employees
Mental Health
Reemployment Assistance
South Dakota AFL-CIO
South Dakota Department of Labor COVID 19 resources
South Dakota Rental Assistance
Substance Abuse
United Way
Workers' Compensation Coverage


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