Lynne Halevi

Spotlight will introduce a local member that you may have worked with before on set or have seen on TV or in films. From time to time, we will do an interview with one of our members, asking them the same five questions about their acting career and union experiences. We recently interviewed Lynne Halevi a long-standing union member. 

Tell us about why you first joined the union?

I joined the union in 1954 in California when I got my first role. I joined because I wanted to be a professional actress with the union (SAG at the time).

Why do you think membership is important?

It is very important. It gives us solidarity, otherwise you would be all on your own, fighting for yourself. You are part of a strong, wonderful, professional group.

What tips do you have for younger performers today?

Keep up your craft, take classes and study!

What is your biggest accomplishment in your career to date?

That I am still at it and still find it fun. I love being with other actors and on set.

What are you currently working on?

I recently filmed a Magnum P.I. episode where I was in a helicopter. The year before that, I had a speaking part on Hawaii 5-0. I have published a book called Love Lost and Found on Amazon. I am currently writing another book that will be called The Big Secret. It is a true story about my family journey and my son.

By Hawaii Local Board member Andy Sikkink for the Hawaii Local newsletter. 


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