Scott Rogers


A lot is happening in these scary and uncertain times. Please know that your union is still working hard for you (mostly from home, except for a few brave employees deemed “essential staff” who report to an office). The National Board has voted to not hold its April National Board meeting (as flying some 50 or so members from around the country to sit in a room of over 100 people for some 20 hours over two days doesn’t make a lot of sense right now). Instead, the National Board followed the recommendation of President Carteris and NED David White and voted overwhelmingly to delegate our authority to the National Executive Committee until our next National Board meeting. Since I am also on the National Executive Committee, I can assure you that we have been continuing to meet (virtually) and make decisions on things the union can do to help its members. 

Stay safe!

In solidarity,

Scott Rogers, National Board Member


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