The SAG-AFTRA San Francisco–Northern California Local represents members working in Northern California. The following is a list of the San Francisco staff. If you are not sure who to call for what, call the main number at (415) 391-7510 and we will be happy to direct your call.

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Staff & Contact Information

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Sean TaylorLocal Executive Director(415)
Carolyn DunbarAssistant Executive Director(415)


NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Chris StoutBusiness Representative, Broadcast(415)

Commercial, Corporate-Educational & Non-Broadcast

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Dee Dee EscobedoBusiness Representative, Commercial and Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast(415)


NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Arceli NatividadManager, Office & Membership Services(415)

Local Board

Kathryn Howell – President
Ed Vagersian – Vice President, Performer
Mike Pechner – Vice President, Broadcast
Micci Toliver – Recording Secretary

Don Black
Robert Chestnut
Anthony Cistaro
Robert Curé
Janet Dyer
Kathy Goodin
Guy Marzorati
Jessica Day Medina
Mahal Montoya
Ed Moy
Phillip Ramirez
Toni Staniewicz

If you are a current member in good standing interested in participating, please email

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San Francisco–Northern California Local Constitution

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