SAG Awards: Cleveland

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SAG Awards: Cleveland

By Andy Schofield 

Andy Schofield 

Jan. 29, 2017 — this was a special day for us all. 

There was an eerie feeling in the air. Perhaps it was because it was my birthday and I am another year older or the looming storm moving into the area, or perhaps it was the building excitement for the SAG Awards party at Shula’s in Independence. It was our annual viewing party for any and all Cleveland SAG-AFTRA members wishing to come and hang out, have fun, eat and even win prizes for guessing who would win a SAG Award. 

Brian Lysell did a wonderful job setting it all up and helping to bring us together. Before the SAG Awards, we also had a Cleveland Council Committee meeting. We had a wonderful time. Although the turnout was rather modest because of the storm that barreled into the area, our phones were smoking from all the texts we received from members saying they would have been there but for the storm. It was a fun time and it was great to see friends we haven’t met up with since our picnic in August or longer. We look forward to another wonderful time at the next SAG Awards viewing party and to seeing you all at our upcoming third annual SAG-AFTRA family picnic on Aug. 20 in sunny Parma at the same location as last year, the Westcreek picnic pavilion.