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SAG-AFTRA PTEOE and MPTF Present Maintaining Balance and Wellness During the Pandemic
May. 28, 2020 - 10 AM to Noon PT


MPTF Chief Innovation Officer Scott A. Kaiser, MD, 
MPTF Director of Campus and Community Based Social Services Jessica Caughey, LCSW, 
MPTF Employee Wellness Program Manager Debi Conocenti, MA, CWWPM


When: Thursday, May 28, 10 a.m. PT/Noon CT/1 p.m. ET


Join SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, the President’s Taskforce on Education, Outreach & Engagement and an esteemed panel of Motion Picture & Television Fund experts for a discussion on health and wellness in the age of COVID-19. 

MPTF’s expert practitioners will provide practical guidance for managing the stress, anxiety and isolation that many people are experiencing as a result of work stoppages, stay-at-home orders and health concerns.  

A valued and frequent partner to SAG-AFTRA, MPTF supports the entertainment community in living and aging well.  

Email your questions or comments for MPTF’s experts to Please note that, unless otherwise requested, your name may be read aloud during the program if your question is selected.  Due to time limitations, not all questions will be addressed during or after the program.  

This program will be recorded and may be later shared in whole or in part on SAG-AFTRA’s website and social media channels. 

This workshop is not intended to imply an endorsement of any individual or company by SAG-AFTRA. The information provided through the workshop is given for informational purposes and may not be a suitable substitute for the advice of other industry professionals. You should always use good judgment in these matters and should not act or refrain from acting based solely on information provided through the workshop.

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