SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational Contract Waiver Now Available for Philadelphia Local Members

A local SAG-AFTRA committee recently surveyed producers, casting directors and agents in the Philadelphia area to identify what changes could be made to stimulate more interest in using the SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational Contract. We now have approval to offer local producers a local waiver to this agreement to include reduced rates and the ability to limit coverage under SAG-AFTRA contracts to professional performers (mixed casts).

The SAG-AFTRA Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast (Co/Ed) Contract is a national contract that covers productions for non-broadcast use, including use in classrooms, in stores, or DVDs shown in corporate offices or dealer showrooms. Covered productions also include instructional content shown on websites or on new media platforms. Behind-the-scenes footage or B-roll footage also falls under the Co/Ed Contract.
Other waiver terms include:

  • Half day rate for on-camera narrator spokesperson
  • Elimination of Category II rates
  • Reduced rates for multiple programs produced in one day
  • Producers may use a One Production Only Agreement or a paymaster to produce under this contract

We hope that by altering the terms of the national agreement producers will find the new terms and conditions more accessible and take the opportunity to consider union talent for their next Co/Ed production. For more information about the terms of the waiver and the affected rates, click here or contact Lynn Koenigsberg at (215) 430-6354 or


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