On Oct. 14, SAG-AFTRA announced plans for its new Member Imagination Center, located at the national headquarters and available to all members nationwide. 

The newly designed facilities will include additional classrooms equipped for web streaming, livestreaming and distance learning; an audio-visual recording and training studio for the production of SAG-AFTRA educational videos, podcasts and member on-camera work; conference, screening and meeting facilities; the launch of a series of informational talks on technology innovation; and the creation of a dedicated member on-camera lab to be administered by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Leadership from both organizations have not only praised the new center as a means to providing innovative technology and training to performers and creative artists, but a showcasing of both organizations’ commitment to empower members nationwide in an ever-evolving industry.
The on-camera media lab is modeled after the highly successful facility located in the union’s national office in New York. The lab was built and is administered by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation and has provided more than 14,588 self-taping sessions to SAG-AFTRA members. Like the N.Y. facility, the Los Angeles on-camera lab will be available by appointment only and members are provided with a professional camera operator/facilitator who helps support and manage their sessions.

There are several phases set for the opening of the new facilities. The first phase of the plan calls for the completion of the media lab and expanded classroom facilities as well as an evolution in the education and outreach program to better align informational and skills training opportunities with members’ specific needs.  Later phases will see the completion of the studio buildout and the development of other member digital media opportunities including videotaping, audio instruction and additional self-tape facilities, as well as an intimate series of live music performances designed to showcase emerging recording artists.

Planned events scheduled for the expanded facilities include a President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement nationwide webinar for elected leaders and delegates; a national organizing training seminar; and screenings and conversations in the union’s new “An Actor’s Story” series.


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