SAG-AFTRA and HBO Inc. and Thespians of the Falls Production Services LLC, producer of the television production I Know This Much Is True, reached a settlement agreement for full compensation for stunt performers who rendered services on more than one episode of the series in a single day. 

On Oct. 31, 2019, SAG-AFTRA reminded stunt performers that a producer must engage and pay performers on a per episode basis when working multiple episodes in a single day or week. This information has long been included in stunt digests and other communications from SAG-AFTRA, pointing out that when working on multiple episodes of a series, a stunt performer must receive separate contracts and the correct payment for each episode, or a multiple-picture weekly contract and not less than the corresponding minimum payment for that form of engagement. 

At that time, SAG-AFTRA also reported it had filed a claim against HBO Inc. and Thespians of the Falls Production Services LLC for violating the SAG-AFTRA Television Agreement by engaging stunt performers to work on multiple episodes of the series under a single picture contract.

The citable settlement agreement dated March 6, 2020, provides that producer will fully compensate affected stunt performers working on multiple episodes of this series on a single day with correct payment and the corresponding pension and health contribution for each episode. The agreement also guarantees that HBO will engage and pay stunt performers going forward under a daily or weekly contract for each episode on which the stunt performer renders services, or engage and pay the stunt performer under a weekly multi-picture contract, with performer’s agreement, for any HBO production. 

SAG-AFTRA wishes to express its gratitude to the members of the stunt community who came forward to help us challenge this violation and ensure compliance with the terms of our contract.


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