SAG-AFTRA recently learned that when working on multiple episodes of a particular HBO series, some stunt performers were not given appropriate contracts and compensation. Producers must provide stunt performers working on episodic television motion pictures with separate contracts and the correct payment for each episode for work on multiple episodes in a day. Alternatively, stunt performers working in episodic productions may be offered and agree to work on a multiple-picture weekly contract that allows the performer to work multiple episodes in a day, or different episodes throughout the week, so long as they are paid not less than the multiple-picture weekly contract rate.

SAG-AFTRA immediately filed a claim against HBO Inc. and Thespians of the Falls Production Services LLC, producer of the television motion picture I Know This Much Is True for violating the Television Agreement in its employment of stunt performers. Specifically, the production failed to provide separate contracts and the correct payment for working multiple episodes in a day. An arbitration hearing to correct the violation is set for March 17, 2020. 

In the event that a producer offers you a single-picture, stunt-performer contract for work on more than one episode in a day, you should request that the Producer provide a new contract to cover each episode. Stunt performers working in episodic productions may also agree to be employed under a multiple-picture contract and paid at the multiple-picture weekly contract rate. If the Producer refuses both options or you have questions, contact SAG-AFTRA Stunt & Safety Department at (323) 765-2910 or

You may decline to accept new employment under a single-picture contract that is intended to cover multiple episodes in a single day or week. Should you nevertheless choose to accept the employment, notate the contract/Exhibit G and keep personal records to reflect the episode numbers and dates worked for the additional episodes as well as payment records, and complete a claim inquiry form located at:

Submit the claim inquiry form along with all documentary evidence and information to support your claim inquiry to as soon as possible. Or confidentially advise SAG-AFTRA of the production where the violation was attempted or occurred at the above-provided contact information.

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