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Jan. 14, 2020 - 1 PM to 2:30 PM CT

Nashville Local - 1108 17th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

Hey, Nashville Singers and Recording Artists! 2019 was a huge year for the music industry and our local in particular. 2020 promises to be even bigger! So what better way to kick off the new year than to get an inside look at where the industry is going with Dan Navarro, Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer, recording artist and SAG-AFTRA Vice President Recording Artists/Singers?  
For years, Navarro has been a powerful advocate for our union and the rights of singers and songwriters through organizations like Nashville Songwriters Association International, Music First Coalition, SoundExchange and others. He is also a trustee of the AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund.  (Full bio here)  
On January 14, Navarro's coming to the Nashville Local office to answer your questions about working under a union contract, how to find if you have royalties due you, upcoming federal legislation, the landscape for singer-songwriters in the new decade and whatever else is on your mind.   
We hope you’ll join us for this informal but informative Q&A session! And for more about his musical journey, check out the SAG-AFTRA podcast interview with Navarro, President Gabrielle Carteris and National Executive Director David White on, “A Life In Music.”  
Light refreshments and beverages will be served.  

Free admission, open to the general public, must RSVP to attend. Attendance limited to 50 people.  

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