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Dear SAG-AFTRA Colorado Local Members,

We are living through one of the most challenging and uncertain times of our lives. And while nothing is more important than your health and that of your beloved family and friends, we must do all we can to ensure that our futures are as secure as possible.
It’s for that reason that I reach out to you today, to encourage you to stand with me to ratify the tentative 2020 SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Agreement by VOTING YES!
On June 11 — despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, at a time of economic and social upheaval and dramatic declines in industry revenue — our stellar negotiating team secured the largest gains in recent years in a single contract negotiation with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Then, on June 26, the SAG-AFTRA National Board approved the tentative agreement by a super majority of 67.61% to 32.39%.
It is now up to us, the membership, to VOTE UP this three-year, $318 million contract with major gains in areas like wages and benefits. That’s real dollars in our pockets!
Our negotiators stayed focused on the future, our future! They took cues from the past and present, and with a deep understanding and keen insight for the trends of tomorrow, used their leverage to get a 26% increase in fixed streaming residuals over the first three years. It’s what the members need and asked for. This is where the work is going, and this contract positions us so that we will benefit financially from the growth in this arena.
Given the uncertainty in today’s climate, our negotiators also made sure that our pension and health plans stay strong. The projected funding increase of $97 million to the benefit plans for the next three years, including a $54 million increase for the health plan, is much needed and very meaningful for our members, both here in Colorado and across the country.
And, in keeping with the times, there were major revisions to nudity, simulated sex and sexual harassment provisions. While SAG-AFTRA has always been a staunch advocate for diversity and inclusion, we are now leading the way in setting right antiquated and inappropriate ways of operating in this industry. We are doing all we can to ensure that our members are safe and protected and that it’s covered in our contracts.
These are just a few of the items that were standouts for me; there are so many more. Please see the following information for access to the referendum and instructions on voting.
What you need to know:

  • All eligible members were mailed a postcard on July 1 with a PIN number and instructions on how to vote online or how to request a paper ballot. If you don’t have your PIN, you may retrieve it at the voting website.
  • Whether submitted online or by mail, ballots must be received by 5 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.
  • You can review the 2020 TV/Theatrical Referendum by going to sagaftra.org/contracts2020.
  • I also highly encourage you to attend the online informational meeting on Tuesday, July 14, at 3 p.m. MT. Details will be emailed to you shortly. RSVP here.
  • You may also reach out to me at colorado.president@sagaftra.org. I'll be happy to discuss this important decision with you.

As your president and National Board member, I highly encourage you to join me in securing for all of us a sustainable future in our industry by VOTING YES for this contract. The gains during this unprecedented time are truly remarkable.
Stay safe and be well … in solidarity,
Sheila Ivy Traister
SAG-AFTRA Colorado Local President and National Board Member


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