Lisha Brock

Lisha Brock, Director of Locals Administration

I joined SAG as soon as I was eligible in 1998 after working on the TV series Any Day Now. I didn’t join because it just so happened that on my very first union job as a principal I had both a stand-in and a trailer, it was because I now had the mark of a professional. So how did I become staff? This is actually my second stint, as I first came to work for SAG in 2007, after having been the Dallas Branch president. I left after merger to pursue other career opportunities and when I became aware of this position, it was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. 

With my past experience as a member in a so-called “right-to-work” state, I can relate to the challenges you face. And as your new staff liaison, my focus will always be on helping you, the members. I look forward to facing the challenges with you as your advocate.

Should you need assistance with your membership or have questions about contracts, please refer to the Arizona-Utah Local Support Contact List. For other inquiries, I can be reached at (214) 363-3800 ext. 5 or


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