Local Leaders 

The Arizona-Utah Local leaders are here to serve the local members and can be reached by emailing azut@sagaftra.org.

Joe Corcoran, President

I’m a Minnesota-raised farm boy and Vietnam veteran who moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1978. Since 1980, I’ve been a proud member of both SAG and AFTRA when I was cast in a Miller Beer commercial and several TV movies of the week. It was also the year that I stumbled into my career as a stand-up comic, which was evidently more by chance than design. I’ve been the AZ-UT Local president since merger and am honored to serve along with this fine group of folks known as the SAG-AFTRA AZ-UT Local Board.

Margie Ghigo, National Board Member

Grateful and proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA, one of my unions in my acting career. I’m blessed to have the confidence of our local members as your National Board representative. Working with so many fabulous actors and broadcasters in service has taught me more about commitment than I can express in this short note. It has helped me be a better actor, a path I love, and has been good to me. I’m privileged to say “I am an actor.” 

Rodd Wolf, Vice President – Northern Arizona

I’ve served on the boards of SAG-AFTRA and its predecessors for over 30 years. Thankful and proud to be a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Billy Holden, Vice President - Utah

Born in Australia, I’ve been working on stage and in front of and behind the camera for 34 years in Australia and the United States. I am an actor of character, comedic improv and serious drama. I have also worked in every position on set, including grip, gaffer, art department, set builder, wardrobe, catering, cinematographer, sound engineer, DIT, focus puller, dolly grip, an assistant to the assistants, stuntman, producer, a published writer, screenplay writer and my favorite job, director. I am proud to be a contributing member of SAG-AFTRA now and for years to come.

Linda Rae Jurgens, Secretary

I’ve been a proud member of SAG-AFTRA since I got my card in 1978, when I was cast in a national commercial starring Jason Robards. Top Gun showed up and my scene with Tom Cruise brought me to my pension and insurance. I’m originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and believe it or not I miss the cold. I’ve worked on and off as a Local Board member here for over 35 years and consider these great people family and Arizona, hot weather and all, my home.

Joey Evans

I joined SAG in 1974 in Dallas, Texas, and have been an Arizona-Utah Local Board member for five years. My career includes work in film, commercials and industrials. My take on life: “Use your talents the best way you can, live life to the fullest and be grateful for little things. They all add up!” 

Nancy Hall

As a proud dues-paying, card-carrying member of SAG-AFTRA since 1986 and serving on our board as a member-at-large for the last eight-plus years, I feel privileged to serve with all my peers. I am a small town girl from South Dakota who has made Arizona my home since 1978. 

Stan Kansas

I have been a proud member of SAG-AFTRA since 1998. I got my card appearing on A&E’s Crime Science. This is my second term as a member-at-large. I am definitely a Jersey boy, but my heart now belongs to the desert southwest.

Kyle Marsh

I’ve been a union member since 1990 and am proud to have served on the SAG-AFTRA Board for many years. I received my SAG eligibility from one of my favorite hooker roles.

Ted Raymond

I have been a SAG-AFTRA member since 1977. I earned my card in Chicago following retirement from the U.S. Army after 25 years of service. I was a SAG legacy alternate on the joint SAG-AFTRA Arizona Local Board. After a short hiatus, I ran for an at-large seat on the Arizona-Utah Local Board. I also serve on the Phoenix-Tucson Equity liaison committee. “I’m a union guy,” is my mantra.

Ann Wilkinson

Since earning my SAG, AFTRA and Equity cards in 1979, I have lived and worked in multiple markets, both large and small. Having grown up in the cornfields of Iowa, I currently reside in the iceberg lettuce capital of the world and spend my days proselyting to college students about the necessity of the creative arts.


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