Keeping your membership current and up to date is easier than ever.

All members are strongly encouraged to stay current. If your dues become delinquent, it is possible you will not be cleared for work.

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Inactive Status

If you are not actively seeking employment under SAG-AFTRA's jurisdiction and have been a member of the union for 18 months, you may request inactive status. Honorable Withdrawal inactive status occurs when membership dues are current when the request is received. Suspended Payment inactive status occurs when a member owes for one or two membership dues periods when the request is received. Although semi-annual base dues are not assessed, members on Honorable Withdrawal or Suspended Payment status will be billed for dues on residuals or other deferred income earnings. Failure to pay percentage dues will result in termination from membership.

Also note: An inactive member continues to be subject to all provisions of the Constitution as though he or she were an active member.

Reactivating From Inactive Status

Inactive status must be maintained for one full year in order to avoid incurring base dues obligations. Members seeking reactivation from Suspended Payment status must pay dues owed at the time inactive status was granted in addition to current dues and fees. Once reactivated, a member must maintain active membership for one full year from reactivation date before becoming eligible again for inactive status.

Financial Core

Fi-Core means you are quitting SAG-AFTRA and giving up your SAG-AFTRA card and membership. Click here for more information.

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