Diana Boylston 

During these times of unsettling changes, with fluctuating contracts and legislation, relocation of work and tragic accidents (we lost a stunt performer from our local in an accident on The Walking Dead set), we may ask ourselves, “How am I going to get through this one?”

According to the Kübler-Ross “five stages of grief” model, this group of five common experiences — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance — can occur in any order, if at all. Yet loss, including loss of work, income and health, is personal and cumulative.

How to deal with the ups and downs of our industry and life seems to have no one answer because each of us react differently based upon the hand we’ve been dealt earlier in life, and the fact that we all have different breaking points. 

As many of you know, my life came to a breaking point five months ago, when my beloved husband, whom I’ve dated since I was a teenager, suddenly died. He was a district fire chief for Jefferson Parish and he was also a musician. He was my level-headed friend and partner. It is his balance and perspective that I am letting help me now.

In the name of perspective and balance, I’m listing both coping strategies for dealing with loss, and linking an article about AFTRA Retirement that some of you may have seen. 

Coping strategies for loss: Take only one day at a time — keep looking for the whole picture and not just the part that has been ripped away, and ask for help. 

In solidarity,

Diana Boylston
New Orleans Local President  


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