Contracts for Low Budget Film Workshop

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Contracts for Low Budget Film Workshop

By George Sanchez
Local Board Member

SAG-AFTRA recently presented two workshops in the New Orleans area to provide actors and filmmakers with an understanding of their seemingly separate worlds. Response was enthusiastic. SAG-AFTRA Regional Education and Outreach Liaison Cynthia M. Williams and Manager, Television and New Media Entertainment Contracts Caroline Corderoni covered topics ranging from short film agreements, which are intended primarily for student films and films meant to be entered in festivals, to the Basic Codified Agreement, applicable for full-budget films intended for theatrical release. Each session ended with a Q&A session that allowed participants to address their particular concerns.

The first workshop, held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on March 2, was sponsored by NOVAC Baton Rouge. The workshop was open to SAG-AFTRA members at no charge; there was a fee for other participants. The most important takeaway from the workshop was that, regardless of a production’s budget, there is an opportunity for filmmakers to use SAG-AFTRA talent in their productions.

The second workshop was held in New Orleans at the NIMS Center (where NCIS: New Orleans currently films) on March 4. This session was sponsored by Women in Film and Television and also was open to SAG-AFTRA members at no cost. 

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