SAG-AFTRA is a union of 160,000 professional actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers and voiceover artists. We are a community united by our shared work in entertainment and media. By supporting each other and coming together, we can raise standards across our industries.

What does SAG-AFTRA do?

Residuals: We work to get you the income you’re owed for reuse of your work. By enforcing contracts and collecting residuals, we help our members maintain an income between jobs. Keep in mind, we process about 3.5 million residual checks a year.

Negotiating Contracts: We negotiate with producers, record labels, broadcast TV networks and radio stations to establish minimum wages and working conditions for members working under our contracts.

Community: We are stronger together. Through educational programs, screenings and workshops, we make sure our members feel connected to one another and the larger entertainment community.

Advocacy: We advocate for legislation and policy that protects members. This includes fighting digital theft, age discrimination and “runaway production” – and advocating for fair and just tax laws for artists and protection against unauthorized commercial use of actors’ images.

Diversity: We are a strong advocate for diversity. Making sure that women, people of color, seniors and performers with disabilities have access to employment is central to our mission. We champion programs and policies that push for inclusion and reflect the real world.

Resources: We provide the career tools you need. For instance, we maintain and distribute production lists as well as a database of signatory employers.

Paying Dues


  • Dues are based on a sliding scale, with the amount determined by how much you earn under SAG or AFTRA contracts.
  • Each SAG - AFTRA member pays annual base dues.In addition members pay 1.575 % of all individual earnings under SAG or AFTRA contracts between $1 and $500, 000.
  • Dues are calculated on an annual basis, and paid in two installments— the first on May 1, and the second on November 1. Dues are not prorated.Bills are mailed to the address on record before each due date.Members who do not receive bills are responsible for requesting duplicates.

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