Signatory Paperwork

The Theatrical Contracts Department will provide you with a signatory packet explaining all Contracts Department requirements.

Key to Financial Assurances in the signatory packet are:

_____ Theatrical Distribution Checklist
_____ All requirements regarding corporate documents.

Complete Chain-of-Title & Written Proof of Receipt by Copyright Office

Chain-of-title can include:

_____ Assignments, transfers, quitclaims
_____ Options and purchase agreements
_____ Proof of option exercise, including cancelled checks and transfer of rights
_____ Writer\'s agreements or certificates of authorship
_____ Form PA registered with the U.S. Copyright Office
_____ Distribution agreements, (or short form licenses) including those related to financing

Most Important:

_____ Provide written proof that the U.S.
Copyright Office received all of the above.

Financing Documents

_____ Production loan and financing/investment documents
_____ Copyright mortgages or liens
_____ Co-production deals
_____ Crowd funding information
_____ Intercreditor, interparty or subscription agreements and private placement memoranda
_____ Tax credit information applicable to financing

Collection Agreement ("CAMA")

_____ Existing draft or completed agreement if we need to amend to add SAG-AFTRA as a party

Residuals Reserve

_____ Use our "Residuals Reserves" guide, here, to approximate what we might request, particularly if:

  • You have a sales agent or a distributor who will not sign the SAG-AFTRA assumption agreement and you are not making SAG-AFTRA party to a collection agreement covering the distributor or sales agent territories, or
  • A financer\'s loan is being repaid before money flows through your collection account or before the Residuals Set-Aside.

Our Best Tips

  • Transparency will save you time.
  • Try not to give us documentation piecemeal – it will slow you down.
  • Check whether your company is up to date on residuals or claims obligations – this can affect the level of financial assurances we require.
  • Remember we are building a relationship that we hope will last a long time!

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